Chess is one of the most popular board games in the world. For a long time, computer scientists have been puzzled by the simulation of the logic capabilities of human or artificial intelligence (AI) in a chess game. Learning chess will benefit children in developing logical reasoning, pattern recognition, problem-solving, and AI-related abilities. The skills gained in learning chess will apply to wide areas of other disciplines such as social science, military command, business development, leadership development, etc.  It has paramount importance as math science in a sense of fundamental knowledge for young students to master in the modern world.

    Top-rated, passionate professional chess coaches 
    Our dedicated professional chess instructors are our most important assets. We offer online private and small-group chess lessons for students with different chess levels and are dedicated to bridging the gap between chess coaches and students. The chess coaches we recruit are not only the ones with top chess ratings but also passionate about teaching students chess skills. We have a rigorous process to find the best chess-certified coaches. All of our coaches' chess profiles have to be verified and interviewed. Please visit our chess instructor profile for more detailed information.'s unique chess training program 
    Unlike many other chess classes, in addition to regular online lessons led by top-rated chess coaches, we also provide in-class tournaments for students and motivated students with various kinds of rewards for their participation and hard work. You can learn more about our unique chess training methodology for additional information.

    A small class size of six progressive levels 
    Our chess classes are structured around six progressive levels of chess knowledge that guide students from the basics to a more advanced understanding of the game of chess. We value students and coaches working together to learn chess skills diligently, building confidence by being well-prepared, playing with fun, and winning in tournaments! We believe that a small group is the best class setting for students learning chess.


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