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    Zion Liu won the gold trophy at the 2nd Princeton Chess Academy Tournament!

    Congratulations to Zion Liu, one of our NM Ben students, who won 1st place in the 2nd Princeton Chess Academy Tournament (October 23, 2022) in Priceton, NJ.  Zion is an outstanding student in Coach Ben's class, who likes Ben's lessons and plays with his classmates frequently during after-class online chess tournaments. His great efforts have yielded a concrete reward for him today. Excellent job, Zion! Keep up the good work!

    Shawn Guo and his siblings all won in the Texas State Grades Championship tournament (UTRGV)!

    Congratulations to Shawn Guo, Sophia Guo, and Brayden Guo, who all won trophies in the 2022 Texas State Championship chess tournament. Shawn won first place in the fourth grade Texas State Championship, while his younger sister Sophia Guo won 5th place in the 2nd grade, and his younger brother Brayden won 3rd place in the K grade in the same tournament. What an amazing achievement for Shawn's family! Congrats to them all!


    Jerry Zhang excelled at the Skyline Open, finishing second and receiving a $250 cash bonus!

    Congratulations to Jerry Zhang, one of our GM Yaro Zherebukh students, who won 2nd place in the Skyline Open U1500 (October 8 to 10, 2022) in Dulles, VA. Jerry also ranks 2nd in the 8-year old age group in VA and 55th in the 8-year old age group in the US chess club. Jerry is such a promising young chess star!

    Shawn Guo won again, this time a silver trophy!

    Congratulations to our coach NM Joseph Truelson student Shawn Guo won 2nd place in the 2022 Waco Scholastic Chess Championship U800 (September 17, 2022).









    Olivia Raczko reaches the Top Girls Age 8 by the US Chess Federation student Olivia won many chess trophies recently.  She has been awarded as the 27th Top Girls Age 8 regardless of country, residence, or federation in September 2022. Congratulations to Olivia for her excellent achievement!

    Shawn Guo won the gold trophy!

    Congratulations to our coach NM Joseph Truelson student Shawn Guo won first place in the North Austin Chess Club Scholastic Swiss Tournament K12 U900 (September 3, 2022).

    Shawn Guo, Gold metal winner

    Cheney Zhang and Zichen Xu shined in the Atlantic Open!

    Congratulations to our NM Joseph's students Cheney Zhang and Zichen Xu won first and second in the 54 annual Atlantic Open on August 26-28, 2022 U1000 section. They have won $800 and $400 prizes, respectively. It is the first-ever cash prize for them. students Cheney Zhang and Olivia Raczko won the third team award!

    Yuqi Wang top the U1900 in the Las Vegas International Chess Festival!

    Our student crushed 6 opponents and tied one opponent and won the first place in the U1900 Las Vegas International Chess Festival (June 8-12, 2022), and awarded with $5000 cash bonus! Congratulations to Yuqi for his outstanding accomplishment!