How does work?

    Select and register a class that has a chess level fitting for you and a schedule working for you, make the payment and get started at your scheduled time. We have group lessons for 2, 4 and 4 students as well as private lessons. There are six chess levels i.e. beginner (up to USCF 600), junior (USCF 600 to 900), senior (USCF 900 to 1200), master (USCF 1200 to 1800) and senior master (USCF 1800 and over). Students may decide his/her level based on his/her current USCF rating or request for a free assessment. During a class session, you'll work with a coach using Skype and other chess programs that the coach uses.

    Is safe?

    Yes. is built on the AWS platform. The data transmission from clients to our servers is fully encrypted by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software. We use Stripe and PayPal for payments. We do not persist customer credit card data in our system. All billing information is maintained by Stripe and PayPal.  Our coaches don't have access to your home address or billing information.

    I have never taken online classes. What kind of equipment do I need?

    Like any other online course, the recommended home device is a desktop with WebCam. If your computer doesn't have WebCam, you can buy a great WebCam from Amazon for less than $ 30. Laptops, iPads and other tablets can also be used. You also need a reliable home internet connection.

    What are the advantages of online classes over regular classes?

    There are many benefits to students and parents compared to regular classroom instruction. For online courses, we can usually choose better coaches than local operators, because we can choose the best coaches in the United States without any regional restrictions compared to the corresponding local operators. The online course also saves time for parents, as it does not require parents to travel to and from the class location and spend time waiting for the course to end. Compared with regular classroom teaching, the content provided by our online teachers is also more vivid, and teachers can use various image tools to assist teaching.

    Who are the coaches?

    Our coaches are experienced, full-time chess coaches. We select the best coaches who have not only an excellent chess rating but also a passion for teaching students chess.

    Can I cancel a registered class?

    You may cancel any registered classes 24 hrs before the class starts for a full refund.

    Does offer a free trial lesson? does offer a free 45 min trial lesson for any students have already registered a class. The coach will meet the students and parents to answer any questions you may have. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you may drop the lesson for a full refund.

    What if a group lesson does not have a minimum of students registered?

    In some cases, a group lesson does not have the minimum students registered after the target date, the group lesson will be postponed for a week. The students already registered may request a full refund or automatically keep in the group.

    Photo/video release permission

    All the parents of registered classes through must review and accept photo/video release permission which can be found online at

    Fair play and anti-cheating policy supports fair play and implements a strong anti-cheating policy for our online tournaments. Students are prohibited to use other online chess software while playing online games. We might monitor the tournament if we find anything suspicious anytime. 

    How do I contact customer service?

    You may contact us any time by calling 703-201-8668, sending us an email to or use our contact us page. You may contact us via WeChat by scanning QR code attached in the bottom of this page.